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In case you’re one of the last people who hasn’t found out yet, I spent my “winter” break in Australia.  The good news was it was actually summer, and the weather was quite nice.  I enjoyed my time there, and I have good friends to thank for that.  I’m not a huge fan of sharing my personal vacation photos on the internet, nor do I think many people would be interested in them.  However, I thought it would be good to share the photos that I uploaded to 500px, and talk a little bit more about how I shot them, and what I was thinking at the time.  All photos will have the context below the photo it refers to.

Opera House at Night by Neil Wilcoxson on

I would consider this photo one of my favorites.  I’ve even set it as my desktop background.  This is a long exposure, although if I were to take it again I think I’d try to get a longer exposure.  This one was only 15 seconds.  Unfortunately the only camera I have anymore is a Micro 4/3, which isn’t nearly as good at low light as the Canon cameras I used to have.

Harbour Bridge at Night by Neil Wilcoxson on

This is another photo I took the same night.  If this isn’t a landmark you recognize, the subject is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  This one was handheld, and I used my 20mm pancake lens.  I am impressed with nearly every photo I take will this lens.  The dots you see above the bridge are birds, and unfortunately not stars.

Flags by Neil Wilcoxson on

For whatever reason I really enjoy taking pictures of flags.  They are a challenge to capture, but not nearly as difficult to capture as animals.  In this photo they’ve caught the wind quite well, and are flying in the optimal direction.

Sydney Harbour by Neil Wilcoxson on

This one was challenging to edit the exposure on, and I’m still not entirely sure that I have it how I like it.  I think this photo really benefited from the polarizer filter that I used.

Not Paris by Neil Wilcoxson on

This one is on the Harbour Bridge.  Someone has tried to start something like they have in Paris, and a few others have played along.  The framed the Opera House nicely from my perspective.

Harbour Bridge by Neil Wilcoxson on

Probably one of my favorite spots that I visited in Sydney was the Observatory Hill Park.  Walking around you could get a nice view in most directions, including of the Harbour Bridge.


This one would be interesting for some sort of contest where you have to guess where in the world this is.  It should be pretty easy to identify, but perhaps the viewer doesn’t look where I’m looking.

Wallaby by Neil Wilcoxson on

This one is from Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  I’m not that great at photographing animals, but this one managed to turn out alright.

Parilament House by Neil Wilcoxson on

This photo was taken on the roof of Parliament House is Canberra.  Yes, they will let pretty much anyone on the roof.

Boroka Lookout by Neil Wilcoxson on

This is Boroka Lookout near Halls Gap in Victoria.  It’s a good view, and from one of the days I enjoyed most on my trip.

I went ahead and threw in one of my personal photos anyway.  This is at MacKenzie Falls, also near Halls Gap.

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